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Welcome to a New School Year

posted Aug 19, 2013, 6:25 PM by Unknown user

Hello everyone!

I hope summer treated you all well.  First off I wanted to extend a big thank you to David Holland for serving as Dads Club President and to Brad McCrea for serving as VP of Work Days last year. 

Thanks guys!

Email Lists

I’ve inherited the email list from David Holland.  We will be moving to a subscribe/unsubscribe list but for now it is manual so if your child graduated out of Montclair I have no way of knowing.  If you no longer wish to receive updates from us just drop me a line.  Also if you know someone who does want to know what the Dads Club is up to drop me their email.

Web Site

We have a website!  Here is the url:

Please bookmark it. I’m working to keep the calendar up to date so you can use it as a reference for what’s upcoming.


Meetings will now take place on the first TUESDAY of every month at 7:30.  This makes our first meeting Tuesday 9/3.  The location remains the same: Montclair Golf Course - 2477 Monterey Blvd Oakland, CA 94611.  Everyone is 100% welcome especially new comers.  Show up and see why Tuesdays evenings are fun again!


This school year is fast approaching and we have a number of things that are upcoming that we could use help for in chronological order.

Teachers Moving – We have a new building and the teachers have asked for some help getting moved. Come and spend as little or as much time as you like.  FREE SNEAK PEAK AT THE NEW BUILDING!

When: Tuesday (tomorrow) and/or Friday 9AM – 4:30PM

Where/How: Check in with Geneva Peare @ Room 104.  925-285-1896 or email her at


New Parents Mixer – Meet and greet/info session the PTA puts on every year for the new parents.  We will be running the bar and serving beer brewed by our own Kevin Meynell and Cark Easterday.  Come and help bartend/pass out info to new parents.  If you are a new parent on this email please don’t volunteer just show up and enjoy.

When:  Thursday August 22nd 7pm – 9pm

Where/How:  Montclair Women’s Cultural Arts Club, 1650 Mountain Blvd.  Email or me at if you are planning on coming.


Registration – Hand out info/answer questions about the Montclair Dads Club to parents registering their children for school.

When: Friday 8/23/2013

Where/How:  MES Multipurpose Room (Upper Building).  If you plan on helping email me @


New Parents Picnic – This is the new parents potluck/picnic hosted by the Dads Club.  We need a few folks to greet parents coming in and help with an organized game for the kids.  Bring your family the site is great and the event is super fun.

When:  Sunday 8/25/2013 from 12:45PM till 3:30PM

Where/How:  Joaquin Miller Park – Fernwood Site – email me @ if you plan on helping.


Parking Monitors – The PTA asked the Dads Club to handle parking duty for the first week of school because the classes aren’t really organized yet to take this over.

When: Next week Monday – Friday from 8:10am to 8:35am (you only need to sign up for one of these days.

Where/How: Signup at

Read info on what to do at:


Other important events!

Beer Fest –  In September the fun filled Brewfest is back and this time it’s Date Night!  Sample brews from our very own team of 12 MDC brewers, pick your favorite with your significant other at your side.  Couples will get a discount!  

OtterWalk – 10/19/2013 This is one of the main fundraisers for the school and also a great time for the kids and the parents.  Dads Club will be called on to help setup, breakdown, grill and of course run the SugarShack™

Thanks for reading all!