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Who We Are

We are parents (both men and women) of kids at Montclair Elementary School who want to be involved with the school community.  We have a wide variety of skills and abilities; some folks are great at fixing things and some are great at leading or helping out with events.  We appreciate everyone’s talents.


What We Do

The club has three main objectives:

 1)      Help the school out.  We pitch in to run or assist with school activities -- fix things that need fixing, cook and serve a pancake breakfast at the annual Otter Walk event, host clean-up and repair days at the school, assist with bid board items, and generally lend a hand.

2)      Raise some $$ for the school.  We contribute cash to MES by running a few of our own fundraising activities. Popular fundraisers include our kids’ movie nights, Poker Tournament and the Otter Beerfesttm. 

3)      Have fun, meet other parents, and network.  We hold regular events just for socializing, including our famous golf tournament, poker nights, and so on. One of the best benefits of being part of the club is getting to know your fellow parents and neighbors. 

 When/Where We Meet

During the school year we meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM at the Montclair Golf Course restaurant/bar (2477 Monterey Blvd  Oakland, CA 94611 near Park Blvd. & Highway 13).    

 NOTE:   We do not meet during summer until September!  Although we do have fun activities planned over the summer (A’s game tailgate and Montclair Park BBQ) over the summer.  Join our mailing list and learn more.

Membership Cost & Info

Membership is free – although the experience is priceless.  Do not worry about time commitment we are all very busy and do not expect that everyone can attend/participate with everything.  Join our mailing list and come to what you can.  We will welcome you at any event you can participate in!

How to Join

Click the join us button to the left and enter your email to be added to our mailing list of events & info.

Contact Info

Craig Hammond – President   craig@craighammond.org  (415) 488-6589

Why get involved with the Montclair Dads Club?

"Parental involvement, in almost any form, produces measurable gains in student achievement."

1. It’s good for your kids.

Parental involvement offers these documented benefits for students:

  • Higher grades and test scores
  • Better school attendance
  • Fewer placements in special education
  • More positive attitudes and behavior and improved emotional well-being
  • Better classroom behavior
  • Higher graduation rates
  • Greater enrollment in postsecondary education

2. It’s good for your school.

Schools and communities also profit. Schools with engaged volunteers have:

  • Improved teacher morale
  • Higher ratings of teachers by parents
  • More support from families
  • Higher student achievement
  • Better reputations in the community

3. It’s good for you!

  • Volunteering reduces rates of despair and depression
  • Volunteering reduces heart rates and blood pressure, increases endorphin production, enhances immune systems, and buffers stress
  • Volunteering increases self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Volunteering helps you make new friends and contacts
  • Volunteering deepens your involvement in your children’s lives
  • Volunteering improves your social and relationship skills (and maybe even your eating/drinking skills!)

Sources: Epstein et al., 2002; Fan & Chen, 2001; NMSA, 2003; Sheldon & Epstein, 2002; Van Voorhis, 2003; Henderson and Berla, 1994; NMSA, 2003; Dixon, 1992; National PTA; Corporation on National and Community Service; NIH; Duke University.